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Q:   What is the minimum age limit for moving into Clasic Kudumbam?

a.:   The minimum age limit for moving into the retirement community is 50 Years

Q:  I am above 50 Years of age but my spouse is aged less than 50.Can both of us live at Clasic Kudumbam?

Yes. You can.

Q:  Is the community recognized and does it meet operating standards?

a.:  The community has an ISO 9001:2000 rating. Senior Hospitality Institute - S.H.I of U.S.A has also recognized and certified the community as India's only retirement resort for active retirement living built to world-class standards.

Q:  What happens if I move in now on an independent living basis but over the years require assisted living features (OR) require nursing assistance?

a.:  Once you move in, the community is will strive to provide you with all the medical / nursing assistance that you may need in the future at an additional cost. The community is well located to handle medical emergencies and has contacts with several major hospitals nearby. A doctor visits the community daily and is available for consultancy.

Q:  What are the various categories of accommodation provided?
a.:  Currently we have ready to occupy - studio apartments.

 Q: What are the retirement friendly features available within each apartment?
a.: Each apartment is bright, cheerful and air conditioned (there are even fans provided for those who don't want to use the A/C. All apartments have special non - slippery floor tiles in the bath; they are also fitted with guide rails. Apartments are intuitively furnished with even a rack for umbrellas and walking sticks. There are several cheerful & bright open central courtyards in the building. The entire community has thin, wide steps & gradual slopes on stairs designed for easy use. There is an auto door elevator to access the first floor.

 Q:  Do I own the studio apartment ?
a.:  No. The apartment is given either on a single (or) joint name on a life time lease. The lease is provided on a either (OR) survivor basis.

Q:  Can I include my son, daughter, brother, sister (or) members other than my spouse in the lease?
a.: No. The lease is drawn up in the name of the occupant(s) only.

Q: Can I transfer / bequeath this apartment?
a.:  No, the lease is non – transferable (on a either (OR) survivor basis in case of a husband / wife), valid for your lifetime.

Q:  Can I stay in the apartment for only part of the year?
a.:  Yes, you can stay away for part of the year, however you would have to continue paying the monthly maintenance charges. During your absence all common amenities continue to functioning and services including cleaning of your apartment regularly is done.

Q: Can I bring my own domestic help?
a.:  No, we will ensure our own trained staff does all housekeeping work. We also ensure that a pool of trained manpower is made available to you for any personal assistance you may need at an additional cost. Kudumbam strives for optimal security and superior levels of service.

 Q:  Do I need to pay for utilities like electricity and telephone?
a.:  Yes. You will pay based on your actual usage for electricity, The tariff currently being billed is commercial, there is also an additional surcharge for common area electricity. A direct dial telephone line is provided in each room. All calls between apartments within Kudumbam are free while other calls are metered and billed directly by the telecom service provider.

Q: Can I smoke or consume alcohol within the community?
a.: No, the community is strictly a no - smoking, liquor free zone.

Q: Can I keep pets?

a.:  No, the community is currently not designed to house any pets.

Q:  Can I have guest staying over?

a.:  Certainly, your guests can be accommodated either within the community, subject to availability of apartments, at an additional cost.

Q:  Is the community kitchen open round the clock?
a.:  The kitchen will be open from 6.30 A.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Q:   Is non-vegetarian food provided / allowed in the community?
 a.:  No, The community is specially designed for a vegetarian way of life only.

Q:  Can I bring my furniture / personal effects?

a.:  You can expect your apartment to be reasonably well furnished. Each apartment has single settee sofas / chairs, writing table, mirror, wardrobes. Electrical equipment provided include a microwave, fridge, air - conditioner, Geyser, fans & lights, You would practically not need any additional furniture .

Q:  How do I safe guard my jewels, valuables and papers?
a.: We provide every resident with a safety locker to keep all their jewels, valuables and papers.

Q:   What is the maintenance charge and will it remain the same in the years to come?
a.:  Please refer to the Tariff page for the present tariff. It is subject to annual revisions based on the cost of living index, inflation levels and actual expenses of the community.

Q:  What are all the services included in the maintenance charge?
a.:  The services currently included are all meals, tea / coffee twice daily, complete housekeeping services, 24 X 7 security, the services of a front office executive for any assistance, access to common services and utilities including washing machines, car parking etc.

 Q:  Can I use my own car daily to drive around for shopping, visiting friends etc.? Is there parking available?
a.:  Yes, you can use your own car. open reserved car park is available within the community.

Q: Is there an alternative transport available in case I don't own a car?
a.:  Call taxis / Autos are available aplenty at a competitive rate.

Q:  Is there a temple available nearby?
a.:  Yes, a beautiful Subramanya Swamy Temple is located right next to the community on about 2 acres. Daily Abisheka, Aradhana is conducted at the temple.

Q:   Can I block an apartment now and move in after I reach the eligible age group?

a.:  Once permanent residency at Clasic Kudumbam is confirmed, you are expected to occupy the apartment within 60 days.

 Q:   Are there any big hospitals nearby?
a.: Yes, there are several, Global hospital (a large multi speciality hospital) is within eyesight of the community. Also nearby are Chettinad medical college and hospital, Lifeline Hospital, Kamakshi Hospital.

 Q:  Is there a bank, post office etc., available near by?
a.:  Yes, there is nationalized bank & post office within walking distance of the community also local couriers offer pick up / delivery service to the community.

 Q:  Is the community meant for couples only or can singles also live here?
a.:  Singles are also welcome to live in the community as long as they meet the age criteria.

 Q:   Are small children allowed to visit and how long can they stay in the Community?
a.:   Children are more than welcome to visit their grandparents, they can stay at the guest suites available for any number of days at an additional cost.

Q:  Can I examine the copies of the Lease Deed and service agreement?
a.:  Yes, copies are provided on request at our office and you are welcome to examine them.

Q:  Is there backup power available?
a.: Yes there is round the clock backup power (for lights and fans) available within the community .