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W.E.F - 01.01.2014

Short Stay    |    Trial Stay

A Residency status in Clasic Kudumbam involves

i. One time, Refundable, entrance deposit covering the cost of infrastructure and furnishing in each apartment.
ii. Monthly Charges: Per Person
(Including food (Veg) and Housekeeping,Security, Other Common Services etc, Excluding Telephone,EB which will be on actuals.)

(Per Apartment)
(Per Person)

Studio Apartment

` 13,50,000/- ` 18,500/-

Studio + Balcony

` 14,00,000/- ` 18,500/-
3 Studio + Kitchen ` 15,50,000/- ` 18,500/-

Studio + Balcony + Kitchen

` 17,00,000/- ` 18,500/-

  • Refund of entrance deposit will be to the name of the resident (OR) to the estate (as per will) within 30 days of vacating the apartment, subject to 1 year lock in period. During this lock in period the occupant needs to pay the monthly charges also.
  • Any expenses towards hospitalization,medical emergencies,additional nursing / attendant has to be paid directly to the respective institution by the Resident / Guardian.
  • Any breakages / damages to the apartments beyond normal wear & tear will need to be reimbursed immediately to Clasic Kudumbam by the Resident / Guardian
  • An annual standard increase in monthly charges of minimum 5% and additional increase due to inflation if warrented will be reviewed and shall be levied *w.e.f. 1st *of every January
  • Standard accessories (T.V., Microwave, Refrigerator, Geyser, Furnitures etc) are provided in each room, no financial adjustments is allowed in case of non availability / removal of accessories at the request of the individual occupan
  • 10% Deduction of refundable deposit would be done towards administration / processing refurbishment and repair charges at the time of final settlement

Short Stay
( Monthly Basis )

` 75000/- for single person. ` 90000/- for a couple in a studio apartment. ` 90000/- for single person. ` 100000/- for a couple in a studio+kitchen+balcony apartment.

Trial Stay

` 4000/- per head and ` 5000/- per couple for minimum 4 day and maximum 15 day stay. Any stay beyond 15 days will be treated as a months stay.